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Monday, 8 February 2016

Lakes Everesting

Instead of seeking out cycling distance challenges, there is a new cycling craze of seeing how much uphill you can achieve in a given time. An extreme challenge is to climb the equivalent height of Everest (9000m) in a 24 hour period. To put this in perspective this is equivalent to nearly 6 times the elevation gain of climbing Mont Ventoux. Assuming one climb of Mt Ventoux would take the average cyclist 2.5 hours and 0.5 hours then you are looking at some 18 hours (and 240km) of cycling which I think you will agree is an extreme challenge.

Clearly you could construct your own personal cumulative challenge over as many cycling days as you wish and you need not go further afield than your local hill (Highgate Hill for example would need to be climbed 100 times!). But like the gym and spinning, boredom could easily set in.

But how about if you could find a route which is one of the most beautiful in England which is circular and just long enough before requiring a rest stop for food, drink, maintenance etc and furthermore could be ridden in reverse and has 3 permutations of route – that’s 6 if you include the reversing, and the route is reasonably accessible for a weekend.

The Lake District
The Lake Distrinct in April 2014
Well one does exist! Of course, it is in The Lake District based from a village called Braithwaite, just 2 miles from Keswick. Access is easy by car or fast train to Penrith with a short bus or cycle ride. Bikes can be taken free on Virgin trains to Penrith if pre-booked.

The cycle round includes 2 good hill climbs and obviously 2 good descents. Grade is up to 12% in parts but for short sections only. The circular route varies from 40 km to 50 km –about the distance you would cycle between breaks, thereby allowing Braithwaite to act as a hub for all the rounds with food, drink, maintenance and first aid facilities.

You would travel up on say a Saturday morning, cycle from 2pm to sunset and again from early morning to 2pm on the Sunday and return home late pm. The one overnight could be in one of the many comfortable B&Bs in the village.

The Lake District
The Lake District in June 2003
If Everesting sounds too ambitious for you, then just do a Kili or Mt Blanc!

A prototype weekend is being arranged on April 16th/17th 2016. All bookings will be down to the individual and will include rail fare or similar travel; one nights accommodation, breakfast and dinner. The route will be fully arrowed, so little risk of going wrong (with garmin routes) and supported as described for an entry fee of just £25 per person.

You can go at your own pace, solo or with friends and vary your route as you desire. Breaks at Braithwaite can be to your own prescribed length, or of course anywhere en route if you wish to soak up and contemplate the magnificent scenery. The course will be open for the 24 hours from 2pm on 16th to 2pm on17th April. Needless to say, out of peak season the route will be fairly quiet and the weather could be reasonable. Maximum height above sea-level will be just 1200ft so it’s not too exposed.

Watch this space for arrangements.

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